Waiting for YOU ~ Meditations for VAST by Lady Colleen Heller

When you first reach this space you have no idea of it its size, the overwhelming feeling of being in this space of VAST is at the forefront. 

You know it’s big; it is only when you settle down in its wonder do you uncover more and more of VAST. 

You realize you are only touching the tip of this huge, enormous, unbelievably incredible space of unlimitedness. 

Here everything is equal at the vibration you are entering, everything is possible, you want for nothing, every need is met, every vision is happening for you… 

You are not thoughtless, but you are not thinking of how it’s happening. 

You come in with an idea and you will have answers from everywhere and nowhere at once! 

You have an idea, have an excited passion for this idea happening, and the forward motion for the idea becomes clear! 

You can see it. 

Almost taste it into being. 

There it is waiting, Just waiting for YOU. 

Breathe in Joy 

Breathe out Joy 


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