How to stop reactions in their tracks!

We can’t change the triggers that are throughout our lives but trying to remove your reaction from the trigger by taking your finger off the trigger is the start to understanding of what it is that pops into you by Pausing.

Pausing allows us the chance to take a breath and to ask a very important question.. is what I’m about to say going to bring me more happiness and joy? Is it going to bring others happiness and joy? Or will it bring the opposite which is fruitless for all of humanity not just for yourself…

Taking a breath before responding

breeds the question, which you must ask clearly, is this an old trigger that’s recurring in your life over and over again?

Maybe it is, maybe it’s not

You must look and you can only do that with quiet PAUSING, quick thinking, and decide how you will answer whatever it is that’s in front of you. And take note, sometimes the best answer is no answer at all.

Silence actually means 10 times more than most words that you’re ready to ramble out from your mouth. I know I’ve been there over and over again, but today it’s not like that. It took a while because the lessons learned… they don’t need to be repeated truly.

Remember to smile in the face of adversity!

It seems like a simple thing but who can turn down a smile?

Have a great day, choose joy, harm none in words or deeds, and Be VAST.

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