The Time is Coming by Lady Colleen Heller

The time is coming when you must choose.

As vibrations rise around the earth and beyond our imaginations, changes will come creating choices not faced before.

Look around yourself, your space, at what you’ve created. Ask “Is this me? Is this truly what I want?”

Think quietly through this guided meditation; in the stillness of your breath, and reach for this answer.


The Time is Coming

“The Time is Coming”

Breathing Pattern: Inhale slowly through the nose, and hold for two counts 

Exhale slowly through the nose, and hold for two counts. Repeat as often as you can.

You may always return to normal breathing at any time. Thank you.

Breathe and Relax 

“The Time is coming when You Must Choose.    

You look around yourself,  your space, at what you’ve created and then you ask:   

Is this me? Is this truly what I want? 

Has it ever been what I want?      

And in this new Vibration that Circles the globe

Moving out through the universe on many levels.  

Will you be sitting back and holding off from the true you?

Or is it time to Step Up and Step Out of your safety home of discomfort?  

Into a fearlessness, which is Native to the Unknown, where the possibilities are VAST.

Breathe and Relax

And in that endless abundant space waiting to offer you the best; you realize, smiling, ready to belly laugh….it’s always been Waiting for you to Claim What’s Yours!     

What you want.    Now?

Know what you want, not how you want it.

What you want and harm none.

Be in the Joy.

Be of Joy. 

Be with Joy.

and Be VAST” LCH

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  1. marishka titus michener

    Voice is calming. Music was haunting. I was taken up by what I am learning from Lady. Thank you for sharing your gift of knowledge with me.

  2. Lady

    Thank you so much for your comment and for listening!

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