They Said Words
They Said Words
Louise Amelia Phelps and Lady Collen Heller
Louise Amelia Phelps and Lady Collen Heller

Louise Phelps, U.K.

“For me through Lady’s style of experiential learning and inner and outer questing, an ancient pattern of learning has become alive to me, one that I thought had been lost. I really feel this is where the sacredness lives, not in books.

Sacred Land Walking  has been a beautiful path of falling deeper in love with the world, changing my perspective of how it is to live within the land. This is so needed now.”

Vee and Lady Photo They Said Page

V. Dowell, NJ, USA

“Lady’s ‘InSights‘ group meetings on Zoom is so much fun! Meeting other people who are also so similar paths to learn, expand, and accept their spiritual gifts on all levels doesn’t have to be a lecture. From these meetings, I have learned to open my vision and see colorful auras in myself and other people. And that was my 3rd or 4th week into the meetings!”

'Lady" Colleen Heller

“Quiet the mind…joy will follow. Let’s find some answers, directions, perceptions.” 

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Amira Photo on They Said Page
Amira Photo on They Said Page


“I was blessed to meet Lady a several years back when I decided I wanted to know more about Reiki and it was a great experience. I was certified under her program Protocol for Practitioners™ with S.E.E.D.™  After that, she became the person I run to when I’m really lost and confused and don’t know what to do.  She takes my hand, each and every time, and reminds me who I am and what I am really worth.”

Robyn Paris Review
Mark Wilson Review
Sharon Ackerman Review
Robyn Paris Review
Robyn and Lady Photo They Said Page
Mark Wilson Review
Sharon Ackerman Review
Lady and Sharon Photo They Said Page
Nancy Paris Review

Nancy Paris

“Over the past few months I’ve participated in other group meetings via Zoom. Lady’s group, ‘InSights’ is the one that resonates with me the most. The lessons were conveyed in a clear and thoughtful manner, the assignments were prompts to encourage personal expansion.  The guidance I received was on point and appreciated with warmth and acceptance.”

Laurie Oxford and Lady Colleen Heller

Laurie Oxford

“While living in Cairo Egypt, I was desparate to find someone who could provide me with clear insights & immediate healing during a difficult & painful transitional time in my life.  I felt extremely grateful & forunate to find Lady Colleen Heller on that day.

10 years later, we remain close friends & neighbors in the U.S. Lady is truly a powerful, inspiring teacher who heals through her connection to Spirit & the metaphysical realms.  Her God-given Gifts allow her to teach with Encouragement, Compassion, Humor, & most importantly LOVE. Thank you so much for all the ((Majical)) moments over the years. “

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