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Gallery Council™

Take a group of likeminded friends who want an evening of information useful for decision making or for forward movement and put them together for a fun filled exciting 2 hour event and you have ‘Gallery Council’™  They are different from one to one readings because anyone in the room will hear the information given which can be very interesting.

Lady does address each person’s questions separately but within the group structure and gives each one an undisclosed amount of time. During the first round she will chat openly about whatever comes up as a group.

The second round will include what Lady ‘sees’ ‘hears’ or ‘feels’ about each person without questions. When finished with this round, all will have several moments to be still and absorb what’s been said.

Any clearing up of previous answers will happen then we close. Great fun community reading time for all.

Spiritual Pathway Reading™

This form of guidance is a once in five year’s type of help. The path of the person is the only consideration. What threads of life that stands before you is why you would choose this expansive type of reading. Quietly you will sit and listen to advice given first. After a time she will ask for your questions which she may have already answered without hearing one question from you. If there are more she will answer all questions directly related to the person who is asking for the reading. The reading itself is regarding the time forward from the point of the reading and of the continuing path for person. The time spent with Lady is very intense and loving.

Combination Opportunity Reading™

People often have situations presented to them that may have life turning events attached. C.A.O. Readings combine different forms of guidance to support your choices in these unique situations. The facilitator will have many tools to choose from that may be used in combination such as Channeling, Tarot, Colour, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Sensory Intuition. The reader will choose what mediums to use to best help you in making your decisions. This reading is directed towards a situation or situations you bring and is not a reading of undefined purpose. When making arrangements to meet your reader you should have at least 5 areas you wish to have more detailed information than would be found in basic Tarot readings.

Health Scans™

Many people come to a Health Scan™ with unanswered questions regarding symptoms not definable by common medicine. A “Scan” describes the visual online look from Lady to the client whilst the client lies fully clothed in a comfortable reclined position usually on a healing table, couch or bed. Information and advice given is clear and concise with the knowledge acquired through 30 years of complementary and traditional experience. It may include herbals, vitamins, corrective eating patterns, revealed allergies, emotional care, guidance, physical movements, all dealing with the overall wholeness of the client. The session will address issues that are currently putting the clients’ wellbeing at risk. Information that may help them to correct the issues presented is inspired by the client’s own vision to be well.              

Most people have an idea of what may be troubling them, but not the reasons why. With a Health Scan™, you are afforded information that you may never see as a connection to your dis-ease. Simple corrections in basic foods used as alternative medicines may be available to the client to make the changes needed to promote the client’s optimum health.                                      

Special Note: Health Scan are not substitutes for the use of a doctor’s sound advice. This is a complementary therapy that works quite well with allopathic medicine. Scans are to be looked on as an addition to your total wholeness plan and not as replacement therapy.

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