Good morning! Let’s talk a walk right now in the Dominican Republic with Kaci. 

First thing we notice is the difference in temperature. And the question that comes first is why you should have different temperatures surround you like a cold rinse at the end of your shower. Why do I and so many others do this? Well experiences with warm to cold to warm to cold and the unexpected depth of sleep is one reason. 

Another reason is that it helps you reach into VAST™ and then to understand you have always been in and of VAST™ – the space of infinite knowledge answering to all of your wants. I know now that we are entitled to, and born within VAST™ with out the constrictions afforded by culture, religions, dictators, organizations, oppressors, and oppression of any sort. You see our bodies are created of all elements that match our planet. All living things are created of the same elements.

Breath is air. Warmth is fire. Wet is water. The physical self is earth itself and joy and bliss is connecting to VAST™! All these elements create human physicality with our divine spirit essence safely tucked inside. When the physical self is calmed and balanced, your vibration will rise, and you will rise to a greater understanding of your life, because every element is accounted for and in your hands to control. 

Hold warm, cold brief rinse during a shower does this simply. Give it a try. It is only 20 seconds of the coldest water you can stand on your forehead and your chest plate. Go head, make a change. We are proving this every moment and as each moment unfolds it becomes more apparent the necessity of being one in a direction of a greater humanity.

Choose Joy! Harm none in word or deeds and be VAST™!

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