Sounds and Movements Equal Clarity

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Sounds and Movements Healing Modality™ has a lot of benefit. Besides the sounds themselves that help you align to core through your vibratory fields that each sound creates, it can also help to answer questions that you found unreachable, unavailable, evasive, or denied for some reason. 

When you repeat the Sounds & Movements Healing Modality™it offers you inner and spatial alignment for yourself, and helps you find the quiet center at your core.

Questions that you may have could be asked at this time. How? 

After the initial two rounds or more, of the sounding protocol, In your quieted centered state, ask a singled minded, clearly worded question out loud. Then repeat two more rounds after asking this question.

By the end of your two rounds, you will have answers seemingly coming from nowhere.

It’s not coming from nowhere, it is coming from VAST™ the space of infinite knowledge and your birthright.

Yes, that’s where the answers are coming from. Only in your NOW reality, can you finally hear them.

Remember, Sounds and Movements Healing Modality™ if you want more information for it, please contact us on @InSigthsIsVAST or right here, of course. 

Choose Joy! Harm none in word or deeds and be VAST™!

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