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S.E.E.D. ™

As above with so below:

We strive to understand the impact we have upon nature and what nature holds for us. We rarely consider looking up to understand the sky and how we affect the sky. What does that mean, do you know? 

These planetary offerings are Sacred Land Walking™ and Sacred Sky Walking™ These abilities help people explore the inner connection between the land, atmosphere, and themselves. Earth’s natural rhythm and season have characteristics which benefit all living things and rhythms that challenge all living things. The clarity of the skies also move throughout the season. The effects of the weather create affects on humanity. How do you work with them? 

Nature is not just from below; the information is also from above. What’s coming from the skies and stars to the land is every impression of every storm, meteor, star shower or rain drop.  Sacred Land Walkers™ / Sky Walkers™ understand the impressions from the stars; it is what Sacred Walkers do. In addition, they assimilate the information from everywhere and bring it forward for all in actions and deeds.

Note: How to Approach and Depart lands please go Here.

*Sky Walkers use different approaches and departing actions.

Group of Sacred Land Walkers experiencing nature

These beginner course introduces you to the rights and practices given from the beginning of time when there was no language, only sounds and impressions, reasoning through experiential understandings, mapping of the landscape,  skyscape, and of course the seasons which guide all living things. You will experience most of two seasons in 10 weeks and may then choose to continue for another 10 weeks if you all mentors/educators agree.

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There are many land walkers, there are many sacred people inspiring us, there are many Tribe and tribal ways, and there are very few Sacred Land Walkers™ or Sky Walkers™.

  • This is an online Zoom course
  • SLW / SW Course includes weekly projects in nature.
  • Journal your findings and then find understanding during your weekly meet-ups.
  • You will be taught to create your own rapport with trees, air, rain, water, clouds and yes the stars.
  • It’s a commitment of 10 weeks up to 20 weeks. Please note: The advanced course is 3 years
  • One hour per week with one check-in per each week with your Mentor/Educator.
  • Mentor/Educator is Lady Colleen Heller and Louise Amelia Phelps. See bio: ‘Lady Colleen Heller’ create page
Many sacred people inspiring us from their Sacred Land Walking journey

For more information, commitments go here.

Bio Louise Amelia Phelps:

Louise Amelia Phelps Photo
Louise Amelia Phelps Photo

Louise Amelia Phelps is from London, UK. She is a Sacred Land Walker™ (SLW), Visionary Artist, writer and poet published in various publications and her art found in many countries globally. She holds an MA in Art Therapy allowing her unique views on symbology and processes with people. The earth carries the most incredible art and meanings and Sacred Land Walking™ offered her an understanding of the communication of this, necessary for humans of the land and sky.

Today she is one of the only two extensively trained Sacred Land Walkers™ and the only Sacred Sky Walker™ trained through the extensive program offered by S.E.E.D.™

The respect needed to become a communicator to trees and plants, waterways, mountains and deserts and stars take time when you are asked to meander on your own, map pathways and come back with information that you have personally gathered. This she has done and is well aware of the struggles at first. If the approach is not genuine, the communication will not happen easily if at all.” ~LCH

Louise lived in and out of Egypt writing and painting, predominately in Sinai Peninsula and Cairo Egypt for over 10 years. It was here that her 3yr SLW degree would begin, changing her life. The journey to acquire that degree is long and very difficult but she continued until the embracing of SLW became part of her breath. Back in England she continued her studies in Sacred Sky Walking™ and with ‘InSights‘ on Sundays enabling her to be a profound reader of life above meeting life below.

Instagram @SacredLandWalking 


Exploring further with Sacred Land Walking – Lady & Louise discuss in this 3 Part Series:

What is the purpose of #celebrating seasons? #Importance of the #Elements of the #season? How to celebrate life at this time of year within the Ancient Wheel of Wisdom…a 4 decade study enriching the lives of all those who participated and still participate in the turn of the wheel.

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