Repair the Tear between Mindset and Heartset

So how to correct the tear between mindset and heartset. Yes, I created a new word, it’s heartset. Because your heart is a mini brain. Your mind houses the other mini brain. Your gut houses another mini brain. Your spine is a lesser brain but still a brain. All of them chat. Much like you would chat to your best friend, because they are all best friends. 

The separations that have happened are from our past behaviors, responses, and reactions. So what can you do? The first thing is to recognize a reaction gone askew. Over-reacting, under-reacting, fearful reacting … all the things that make you pause, and, Uh, take a breath, Uh. Or make a scowl. That’s the first place. Write those down when they happen. Stop, is pause. Pause, is listen, and listen to hear. 

Have a fabulous day! Be back soon. Choose Joy! Harm none in word or deeds and be VAST™!

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