There’s not a lot that you need to do in the morning when you awaken to have a very full-filled and happy and joy filled day, or joyous day. The thing you must do is to be grateful that you are even awake enough or alive to have the thought. Grattitudity starts first thing. Thankfulness is the first thing. Setting up what you need or want for the day, great! But your Frist thing is, I’m grateful. 

What are you grateful for? Perhaps make a list. Read it often throughout the day. Add to I through the day. And then before you go to bed at night, be thankful for everything you are grateful for.

Yes, they are two different words and yes, they have two different meanings. So it would be really good if you used the words accordingly, and knew which is what.

Look have a great day! Choose Joy! Harm none in word or deeds, and for goodness sake, SMILE, and be VAST™!

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