Mindset & Heartset=Wholeness

In our quest to have our mindset join our emotional body, we first must realize the separation that natural exists. For, oh, I don’t know how many years, it’s been change your mind, change your life, change your mind, change your life. Visionary boards and thought work, all about changing how you think it should be.

But there seems like a tear between the emotional body and mindset. And if we don’t address the tear and join them together, as best we can, we will not have wholeness. In order to change your now reality, fully; you have to be, fully, present in your consciousness. In your choice, what is your want? What is your desire? Is your want your need? These are the things that have to be addressed.

Correcting the tear is another step to being the exactly where you want to be. 

Have a great day! Choose Joy! Harm none in word or deeds and be VAST™!

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