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"Entitled to Heal" Interview

Interview with Lady Colleen Heller and producer actor Robin Paris

SEED Energetics

‘Lady‘ Colleen Heller is trained and certified as a C.A.M. facilitator/ Master Energy Healer, Western Traditional Medicinal Herbalist, Usui Traditional Reiki Master/Teacher, Hypnologist with the Federation of Hypnology USA, Chinese Medicine Meridian Values for Mind, Body and Spirit and Sacred/Spiritual Travel, Spiritual Influencer, and the Creator/Facilitator of  ‘The Goya Principle™, Health Scans  and the list goes on.  After her very successful 18 years abroad, she returned to the states in 2014 and is traveling less at this time and working online much more as is most of the world with the changes of 2020.

Heller has been involved with alternative healing since the early ’80s. She has facilitated Women’s Empowerment groups for 35 years. She has lived, taught, visited cultures, and traveled in over 75 states and countries to date creating culturally and spiritually significant events for people and the planet. Today she focuses on teaching her students to communicate and connect with themselves, each other, the planet, and the universe.

She is a Sacred Land Walker™ with over 45 years of active participation and teaches beginner 10 week to 2-3 yr training courses, Sound Healing, Color Healing, Acupressure-Point Reiki™, Energetic Acu-Scans™, and ‘Gut Sense’ are her combination therapy’s performed and taught by Lady and her rigorously trained facilitators worldwide. 

Lady Colleen Heller Master Energy Healer

For people, she reached out at the start of the pandemic to offer support every Sunday to build a community for empowerment, self care, awareness and fearless confrontation of the new times presented with ‘InSights’ for all. Since April 2020 she still offers this meeting of minds, spirit and community in 4 week increments at nominal cost.  Please see the icon below.

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Photo of 'Lady' in Ireland taken by Sharon Ackerman

Education of Distinction
Healing Center™

Photo of 'Lady' in Ireland taken by Sharon Ackerman

Colleen Heller

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