How to Approach and Depart Lands

     On the journey from ‘Sacred Land Walking’ a beginner 10-20 week course to a 3 year study course on land talk, symbols and senses of lands anywhere and ‘The Ancient Wheel of Wisdom’ 3 book set with over 45 years of experiential celebratory life in sacred sites globally with truly amazing people journeying together of all walks of life, Lady freely offers you this gathered, tried and successful information.

     Please remember before you set out that it is often the journey where the exciting, wonder filled magic happens.

1. Always ask for permission to enter any area, bow in and state your name/purpose. Smile

2. Always face the space and bow when you leave being grateful while honoring the land and the keepers of this space. Smile.

3. Remember to take mere moments during your journey to be thankful especially in noted sacred spaces. It calms the most difficult times.

4. You will face vortexes in many places of many vibratory levels as in Sedona, Arizona USA or Color Canyon, Nuweiba, Egypt. It’s difficult and exhilarating. Both a challenge. Stop and find your feet securely planted on the ground for a moment or so as you go on walk abouts.

5. Honor the trees, plants, birds, sky, reptiles, insects and the incredible landscape we are privileged to walk on, not simple through or pass without acknowledging with offerings.

   In Sedona you may leave small offerings of tobacco or cornmeal. In Nuweiba you might leave water or even a strand of hair as in many traditions. Your hair carries the wisdom of your experiential life and with it becomes a very personal gift.

In all cases, your offerings must be biodegradable and beneficial to the natural landscape you are on.

*Always leave a place or space better than when you came to it. This is the highest form of honor and respect.*

Remember, we journey everyday from waking to sleeping. We journey while we sleep. Be grateful and thankful you still can. Live your life, its incredible.

Choose Joy, harm none in words or deeds, and Be VAST.

 Choose Joy, harm none in words or deeds, and Be VAST

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