To keep it on track, we are discussing mental, emotional, spiritual and physical guidance. They are all tied together, work together and function as a unit. Keeping all equally balanced as best as possible is the goal. Guidance provides information about one’s abilities, unseen possibilities, clarifying perceptions and realigning negative thought forms to name a few. “To find joy you must believe you are worthy of joy, filled with joy and expressing joy from within.”

In this case, ‘Lady’ Colleen Heller is your guide. Lady’s extensive hands on education abroad, travels, creations, zest for understanding and natural abilities in the realm of spirit afford you the opportunity to take advantage of what she offers others worldwide. Lady is a Naturopath and Medicinal Herbalist, Spiritual Healer/Motivator/Empowerer, who mentors you with wisdom not interference. She is also an educator of alternative health and a counselor for mind/spirit connections. Her short listed bio can be found on the Lady Colleen Heller page !

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