Gratitude Now

 Hello again, it is Lady Colleen Heller and I am here on a beautiful day on the East Coast of United States of America, and the message is, how grateful are you? 

What does that mean exactly to be grateful? It is not thankful, which I have mentioned before, but it is being grateful for everything that you have that could be simply waking up in the morning to walking to seeing a beautiful site nature creates for us. It can be anything, really. It is just being conscious that these things are all gifts. That we are not entitled to them, we shouldn’t have them, we don’t deserve them, but through gratitude we find them actually living through in the pores of our skin. Our eyes becomes fountains and we drink in all this gloriousness. 

So for today, find a list of things to be grateful for, write them down, re-read them before bed, and have a fabulous day. 

Have a fabulous day, a fabulous night, a fabulous evening, whatever you are … have a fabulous whatever it is and I will see you soon. 

Choose Joy! Harm none in word or deeds and be VAST™!

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