Snowdrop Flowers

Celebrating Imbolc 2024 in simplicity.

The amazing new light starts your day this time of year. 

When the Snow Drops and Crocus begin to appear.
Reminding us of the never ending cycle of life
And that we are the fortunate ones, alive and still here.

What to do to celebrate?

February 1st evening:Goddess Imbolc

Turn off all electricals for lighting, turn off the T.V, put away your phone.
Light white candles in the rooms to guide you and be in the most comfy space you can create.
Light your personal candle on this night and journal how your cave time has benefitted you and nature. Sleep well!

February 2nd early morning at sunrise:Purple Tulips

Set your alarm to ‘Greet the Sunlight’ with a fresh face, clean hair, white or light colored clothes, heavy cream in your coffee or tea and a smile on your face!

Allow the sun to live on your face this morning for as long as you wish.
Remember, even cloud cover doesn’t stop the rays from finding you!

It has begun again.

The Ancient Wheel of Wisdom turns, life continues. By Lady Colleen Heller



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