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Reaching Into VAST™ - The Space of Infinite Knowledge

VAST is knowledge, unending knowledge that’s gathered from everything in the universe that carries a recording of itself, like our subconscious records everything we do as a human.  Every life form has a way of recording and all of those impressions in many forms are all available in VAST.  Every answer to every issue is already available in VAST. 

We must strive for anything other than the 5 senses we are born with. But what of the innate gift of the Etheric Intelligence? Training is required when you strive for anything outside of your innate senses, especially if the biggest one has been left aside by culture, education, and society to inhibit your possibilities. 

Time to make a change? Find your center and start to uncover life through your innate ability to reach VAST™ knowledge eventually becoming your wisdom through specific techniques, breathing values, and mediation.

'InSights' ~ your NOW Reality™

There is only the future of NOW to create in. There is a past and a supposed future,  neither is part of your NOW Reality. How you came to be does not define you as you strive forward. Lets Go! This is a 4-week commitment Empowering Series found online.  It’s filled with techniques, conversations, community, inspiration, new understandings, and challenges wrapped up in finding JOY to help you create what you want right now in the NOW of VAST


Reaching Into VAST™, Yes You Can

A Beginners Course- Belief, Part One

We must strive for anything other than the 5 senses we are born with. But what of the innate gift of the Etheric Intelligence? The ethers where the multitudes of wisdom live? Waiting for you to discover?

Upon birth you knew how to eat, it’s not taught because it’s a survival sense. You are taught to hold utensils, but are they needed? No. You were born with fingers for just that purpose, so why teach you to use a utensil? Why indeed?

This takes time to re-imagine, then learn.

Training is required when you strive for anything outside of your innate senses, especially if the biggest one has been left aside by culture to inhibit your possibilities. Hasn’t that been going on for years? Time to make a change? Find your center and start to uncover life through reaching wisdom through specific techniques, breathing values, and meditation.

Duration – 10 weeks at 2 hours per week,  Zoom online course, total 20 hours. 

Select the image to go to Readings, VAST™, Reachings, and Specialty Healings

Select the image to go to Readings, VAST™, Reachings, and Specialty Healings

VAST Meditation™

Meditation is a practice of stilling the body and the mind allowing complete ‘rest’ to occur. When practiced, changes the brain waves from beta to alpha to theta, allowing space for fresh insight to enter your mind from a more universal place than the mundane levels of consciousness we normally relate to. “The eyesight has another eyesight, the hearing another hearing, and the voice another voice” ~ a quote from Walt Whitman

V.E.M.S. ~ Vibration, Energy, Movement and Sound Healing Modality

This unique modality for self healing of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing is one you can learn and use on your own without the need of a facilitator or therapist. It requires less than 7 minutes of your time every day and the results are clearly obvious after one session. It comes with its own sound, movements and energetic/vibration that translates to balancing out every system within and with your auric field.

30 Weeks to the New You ~ The G.O.Y.A. Principle™

Color, Breathing Techniques, happiness and joy, tasks, weekly consultations, visioning, projects and smiles.  The G.O.Y.A. Principle™ works because you will be given persistence, patience, and reinforcement by your mentor/s with laughter and kindness as the backbone of the course. Creating a new mindset for your NOW Reality

ACU-EFT™ Education/Therapy

During EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, you reset the amygdala and create a new energy pattern in a safe, calm, and present state of mind. The Harvard Medical School revealed that tapping on meridians can drastically reduce or eliminate stress.

Acu-EFT™ is a combination of two incredible healing meridian workings. Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, offering acupressure on meridian lines used for centuries. Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, is based on meridian points used in specific patterning while voicing change. It makes perfect sense that we are able to stimulate our bodies to respond to our mental and emotional needs.


Reflexology is the practice of working with the feet using Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupressure points and foot massage to relieve congestion in the feet which translates throughout the body. It is one of the most relaxing therapy

See the photo please

S.E.E.D.™ Stress and Anxiety Relief

Stress along with Anxiety are the predominate causes of all dis-ease! It’s silent, insidious and penetrating twisting body and spirit into very difficult to be in situations. Disease will follow if its not sorted.  What we will cover in these working are ways to move them from you through acupressure points, meditations, and Breath Patterning.

S.E.E.D. Hand Pointing™

S.E.E.D. Hand Pointing ™ allows the practitioner to work through a acupressure point system of release. Please see photo below to discover the relationship of your hand to your body. Oils are used during the session.

Acu~Pressure Point Reiki ™

Acu~Pressure Point Reiki ™ which uses the fingers and knuckles with gentle yet firm pressure to release deep seated tensions within the body. This is a combination technique that stimulates the bodies natural curative abilities whilst assisting in releasing muscular aches and tensions due to stress via Reiki Vibrational Energetics. 

Sounds & Movements Healing Modality™

Sounds & Movements Healing Modality™ using specific sounds and arm positions surrounding anything living creates, a vibrational flow of give and take healing energy, always available to us and from us on this planet. Vibrations are not stagnant or trapped. They flow into the air and out beyond our earth.

Select the image to go to Ancient Wheel of Wisdom

Select the image to go to Ancient Wheel of Wisdom

Rose Healing ™

Rose Healing ™ is a heart opening experience of pure calm and inner peace. You feel your burdens are lifted as you sit and open yourself to the essence of the Rose as it enfolds you in its aromas, smoke drifting lazily away. This is an old and very powerful ‘feminine type’ of healing, experienced as an emotional re-harmonizing treatment that is specifically aimed at alleviating problems of the heart, relationships, grief.

Select the image to go to Sacred Land Walking

Select the image to go to Sacred Land Walking

'Sound and Scent Alignment™' utilizing 'Rose Healing Technique™'

A highly recommended technique for anti-anxiety, anti-stress, spiritual pathway movement, and change of life issues. This amazing technique allows what was formed from the beginning of time, ‘sound’, to intermingle with the olfactory, ‘scent’, to bring the client to a harmonizing balance combining sound and scent.

Vibrational Color Healing ™/ Education

Vibrational Color Healing ™ is experienced as soothing waves of color washing throughout the body with gentle release as re-alignment occurs. This causes noteworthy changes to the energy fields that surround your physical body, thus encouraging renewed harmonic balance. The colors are chosen specifically for their particular positive effects on your present state of dis-ease.

Tarot Therapy Session/Course

Offering you intuitive understanding of the 78 cards of the Toth deck through color, numerology, astrology, and symbolism creating a therapy that’s individualized. They become a useful perceptive process from the cards allowing intuition and mental focus to work together as one.  This will help you and other people to find directional ‘threads’ to their lives. 

Tarot Therapy with Toth™

In today’s world, the Tarot is most often used as a therapeutic tool for self development. The tarot reading is a tool for gaining insight into life’s processes. The cards act as a trigger to tell a story about the client’s current life situation, and from this basis, a therapeutic dialogue is opened up.  Much guidance is drawn through the symbolism implicit in the cards that the client has selected. The hour long session is a space for the client to discuss potential choices and direction to be taken, as well as exploring areas in life where things may have become blocked or imbalanced.  It is helpful if the client comes with specific questions or circumstances that require clarification.

Usui Traditional Reiki Healing

The Three Degrees of Reiki Usui Traditional Reiki is a natural healing method that has documentation for over 5000 years and is today well recognized as having a positive effect on one’s spiritual balance and flow, as well as on the psychological and physical aspects of one’s person.

Usui Reiki Degrees of S.E.E.D. Protocol for Practitioners™

Reiki by Lady Colleen Heller

1st Degree  The course will cover basic knowledge of the body’s energetic system and how to self heal. You will attune to animal and plant kingdoms as well as for humanity.             

2nd Degree Learn how to project and focus energy to remove  mental and emotional blocks to those accepting the healing be it clients or friends. Offering distance mental, emotional and physical healing.

Masters Degree is available for those who students wish to become an educator of Usui Traditional Reiki and use all the symbiology and wisdom afforded in this 3rd Degree/Masters level.

Reiki. Inquire at  

Usui Traditional Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Distance Healing is when you need immediate relief from anywhere at any distance offered by Reiki Facilitators trained and initiated into Reiki 2nd Degree. This ability of the facilitator to send appropriate vibrations to you allows relief and often helps the body heal itself. Distance Healing seems impossible yet in fact it is possible and very effective.

Subtle Body Identification ~ required for Reiki 2nd Degree admittance.

Addressing auric parameters through sensing, site and feel. Subtle Body Identification used for hands off, intuitional decisions, and senses. Your intuitive abilities are more focused at a vibrational level and you are taught to find dis-ease in clients, friends or family. Special time will be put forward in the area of intuition versus ego will.

S.E.E.D.™ Auric Techniques for Health

When energetic blockages are cleared, as in Auric Clearing, physical dis-ease has nothing to cling to, so it disappears through disassociation. A weak auric field makes you more susceptible to outside influences. There are five basic tried and true techniques that will be given to you to use for various situations during this class. Most people are walking around with energetic attachments and ‘energetic baggage’.  This causes dis-ease from blockages in the energetic anatomy, then manifests into the physical, if left unattended.  When energetic blockages are cleared, as in Auric Clearing, physical dis-ease has nothing to manifest from, so it disappears through disassociation. In class you will learn how to recognize and then how to release energetics that may cause you or another person issues of discomfort before a block causes dis-ease.

Accessing Higher Intuition ~ Yes you can...

Everyone is aware of their five basic senses: seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting. What everyone is not so well aware of is their sixth sense. The sense of otherworldliness, a connection to something more and greater than your understanding of the basics. You are able to access your ability you may not think you have.

The techniques you learn will last a lifetime and connect you to a deeper understanding of your Who of YOU.

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