Ceremonies Healings Teachings Biography

Teaching, Ceremonies, Healings, and Principal Creator/Speaker at a Glimpse

1981 to Present – Creating and facilitating, ceremonies of life, marriages, births and deaths, rebirths, handfastings, all rites of passage for over 40 years.
1992 – 1996 Founder/Owner Bay Breeze Herbals and Healing Center in Bayville, NY 
1993-1996 – Facilitated weekly healing circles for peace in New York until leaving the US.
1996 August – Opening Ceremony with Sacred Water, Street, England for Creative Health Network.
1996 September – Opened the “International Women’s Conference” with key note ceremony “Sacred Water” London, England.
1997 July – One of 5 leading ceremonial creators for the 1st Annual Goddess Conference, Glastonbury, England.
1997 August – Facilitated “International Sacred Ceremony” at Stonehenge, UK for the Israeli Foreign Ambassadors to South Americas wife, Yale Pashel.
1999 May“Beltane in Ireland” with “A gathering of Native Chiefs“. Chiefs from Tahiti and various tribal Chiefs of Native Americans and Native Canadians.
1999 October – Created and facilitated “Healing Ceremony” in Jordan with Jordanians, Brits
and Americans. 
2000 May“A Celebration of Bealtane”, Greenlawn, New York.
2000 October – Created and facilitated healing circle in Aqaba &Wadi Rum,
Jordan for ‘Healing the Arab Conflict’ Participants included Jordanians, Britons, Americans and Dutch.
2001 February –  “The Birthing of New Life” Glastonbury, England, UK
2003 April – Facilitated a “Candle Lighting and Sacred Wheel Ceremony for Peace in the Middle East”, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.

Continuing Workings Worldwide

*1981 to PresentInternational Spiritual Pathway Reader. Spiritual Pathway Readings requires access to a higher vibration that is VAST which is the knowledge from those who have gone before us along with our own access which  reveals the path you have chosen. This information is then passed to you. 
*1983 to PresentEnergetic Health Scan requires client to lay on healing table while Lady’s hands pass over their body. The client is given information regarding their health via recording or scribe.
*1985 to Present – Created and maintain “Women’s Circles of Empowerment” through Experience in USA, England, Egypt, Holland, and Israel.
*1991 to Present – Introduced multiple healing modalities, spiritual tools and techniques, including Rose Healing of Sacred Lands, Sound Healing Techniques, Energetic Auric Release, Kitchen Medicinal Making, Harvesting your Medicines, Elemental Understandings through experience, Ceremonial Incense and their Uses, Meeting your Earthly Guides, Guardians and Angels ,and many more.
*1992 to Present – Traditional Usui Reiki Teachings. All degrees and healings available to present date. 

Previous Spiritual Work and Lectures

1991-1995 – created “Balance Spiritual Awareness and Healing Centre”, Bayville, N.Y. Ordained in order to use herbs as medicinals in NY State, USA.
1995 October 1998 DecemberGuardian of Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK and it’s Sacred Red Spring. A 2 ½-acre semi-wild garden, retreat centre, spiritual site, hosting visitors around the world at 45,000 per year at that time. Personally brought Seasonal ceremonies back to the Sacred Well, created living environment for retreats relative to the space, introduced workshops in healing and alternative methods of spirituality. Created the space for all spiritual paths to be available to the Well and not just the chosen few. In my time there,  I brought the sacredness back to the land for all.
1996 May – Lectured at “A Woman’s Gathering“, Atlanta, Georgia. Focused teaching on “Sacred Sound and its Healing Qualities” by invitation. 
1996 August – Lectured at “Council of Health Network Conference” explaining and walking the Ancient Labyrinth Tor, Glastonbury, England through sacred ceremony and rites of passage. Helped create the first Goddess Conference Opening Ceremony and opened the Chalice Well to receive the festigoers.
1997 July, August – Took large groups on the Labrynth of the Tor which later was written about in a book after the author followed my route and reasons. 
1999 March – Lectured at A Womans Centre, Dordrecht, Holland by invitation.
1999 September – Guided 35 Women through the Ancient Sites of Egypt and the Nile Cruise.
2001 September – Created, facilitated and taught two week “Magical Intensive Training”, Sinai, Egypt
2002 May -Lectured and trained “Accessing your Higher Intuition“, Greenlawn, New York
2004 May – Facilitated and trained “Sacred Sounds and Symbols”, Arbutus House, Greenlawn, New York.
2004 December – Facilitated and trained “Sacred Sounds and Symbols”, Rabbi Gatine, Jaffa, Israel by invitation.
2005 May-Lectured at 3rd annual “Women’s Health Conference”, N.Y. Vets Hospital, NewYork by invitation.

Journeys to Sacred Lands

1983 to Present – facilitated journeys to the Americas, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Egypt, Sinai, Jordan, Israel, Holland, Italy, Crete and Puerto Rico. All journeys entail experiential workings of the sacred lands traveled, respect for the culture and related to the 8 festival cycles of the year. 

Degrees - Healing Alternative

1988 February –  1″ Degree Reiki
1988 May –  2 Degree Reiki
1993 April – Reiki Master
1992 May – Universal Life Church Minister
1993 July – graduate Medicinal Herbalist 
1994 August – Wild Plant Identification and Traditional Medicine Making Techniques, The Sacred way of Plants.
1995 February – Certified American Hypnotherapy Association, National Association of Hypnotherapists.
1997 – Homeopathy, UK, Eastern Medicinal Plants, Somerset, UK
1998 – A study of Tai Chi, Street, UK
2000 – Acupressure Point Meridians, Cairo, Egypt
2001 – 2003 – EFT Tapping, Federation of EFT trained and certified. Developed ‘Chase the Face’ a tapping modality to increase flow and fix energetic blocks for the face and lymphatic system.



Lady lived in the United Kingdom for 4 years from December 1995- December 1999 as the Guardian of Chalice Well and Gardens in Glastonbury, UK.  
Directly after moving to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula for over 17 years from 1999-2016 first with the El Muzeina Bedouin Tribe in Nuweiba, Egypt, then to open a clinic in Cairo, Egypt in 2005 with a partner while still living between the Sinai and Cairo proper. 
She started her first educational facility for energetic vibrational healing in Cairo in 2011. Upon returning to the states due to unrest she moved her practices to the US. 
Lady’s birth home Virginia, USA. Her main heritage is Irish and Sicilian. 
DNA findings put her line into Africa, all the way to Sudan and the Congo.

She is a published author and journalist, artist, event creator, and facilitator of many groups and organizations around the globe.
Languages spoken are English, Egyptian Arabic, and some Spanish. LCH 2016
** See more information on the Courses, Readings, and Healing Therapies  **
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