Beliefs Need a Look

~ Why do you believe what you believe even if it's not been working?

Hi! This is Lady Colleen Heller with a musing for you. I like to write thing down as I go through the day, since I am always in VAST™ and VAST™ is so much a part of my essence now since I have focused on it for the last, wow it is going on three years I guess. 

Being an energetic worker, vibrational medicine master I have not really voiced as much as I have been hands on. But lately I have been called to voice more, so here is a little musing for you today.

There is no greater truth than the one you created with your own thoughts. Now think about that. Your truth is what you believe to be true. Right? There is nothing wrong with having a truth you believe to be true. As long as it is not shadowed by you needing to cling to an untruth, rather than release it when you find that the truth you believe in isn’t valid. 

And to even repeat something that you haven’t even checked on yourself emotionally … sometimes you have to look things up to see what is going on. And sometimes we hold on to things in our past, that a rise as a truth which are so outdated. We don’t even follow them any longer. And they are not necessary. And when you free yourself from these untruths and change your belief to what is currently in your NOW Reality, which we teach at InSights™ which is a group you can join, you can find it on my website as you are here …

So let me just say, take a moment when you have a thought you are sure about, rethink and give it some air. Look at it from a new perspective. Try to say the whole thought that you had while smiling. Now did it go down well? Then okay. But does it glitch? Maybe it needs a thought or two longer than the ones you have been giving it. 

Have a great day! Choose Joy! Harm none in word or deeds and be VAST™!

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