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Ancient Wheel of


Seasons and Their Characteristics:

‘Lady’ Colleen Heller has been creating, teaching, and in practicing of the ‘Ancient Wheel of Wisdom™’ as a Master Ceremonialist, spiritual guide, and educator for over 4 decades.

Her experiential workings and eclectic education including StarHawk, Susan Weed, Z Budapest, Chief Thunder, J Telyndru, her Cherokee ancestral roots which intertwine through time, distance and space in over 78 countries and states. 

The wheel of life centers upon the seasons and their characteristics to enable people to understand how to work intrinsically with what surrounds them as well as what they walk upon, our planet above and below. It is a wheel of and for every life from anywhere on this earth.

The wheel of life has been used for thousands of years and can be found in all living things from plants to human evolvement. 

*Note on how to approach and depart lands please go Here

Embrace the Divine:

Lady has used the Wheel of the Celts most often. It is not religious in its content, as are most wheels used in different understandings and practices. It does embrace the Divine and all life in their turn from life to death and back again. These teachings have come to us from our ancestors who learned them through experience, trial, and error and past them on in oral or written words. It is for us to test them by our own experience and make them ‘come alive’ for us.

The season we are in or moving into will help you better understand positive and negative elements afforded during that season.  To use the available elements found in positive ways and be prepared for the negative elements coming could save you a lot of stress and discomfort. 

Embracing the use of the Wheel is personal but hopefully, something to use and build on for each turn of the Ancient Wheel of Wisdom™. You are welcome to the dance. See the Ancient Wheel of Wisdom page for more information.


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